Friday, November 8, 2013

A Favor

Danny and I have to opportunity to share our story next week at a bereavement training class for NICU nurses. I feel like I have a million things I could say and nothing to say at the same time. So maybe you can help us out a bit? What has stood out to you most about our journey? What have you found helpful in better understanding the life of a grieving family? What have you learned about baby loss or grief? Or what is something that you have been glad that we have shared along the way?

Thanks! :)


  1. One of the things I've learned from reading your blog over the years is not to assume someone never wants to talk about their baby again. Someone close to us experienced baby loss at 8 months old, and there seems to be an unspoken agreement among everyone to avoid any topics relating to the baby under the assumption that is will be too painful/bring up painful memories for them. After reading your story, I've learned that the fact is losing your child is too painful always, not just when we mention it. And in fact, the idea that people act like she never existed might increase that pain. So, I guess just don't assume they do or do not want to be reminded of their child, but just let them know that you will always remember their baby and go from there?

  2. I know this is to late but..I have been catching up on your blog after a busy time. I love that you are so committed to helping other families I think there is so much healing in the helping. From the first time I "met" you online, I could sense your passion for helping other families! I think encouraging moms to reach out in their pain is so helpful. Isolation and loneliness make grief unbearable.