Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ezra - 5 Months Old

To My Ezzy boy,

You are 5 months old, where has the time gone!? I remember saying that with each passing week and month with Cohen, and it's just the same with you. Now that we've gotten your tummy and sleeping issues mostly figured out, you are the happiest baby. I love waking up to get you in the morning and seeing you greet me with a big smile.

You certainly are our rainbow baby, our sunshine after the storm. You have brought so much healing and joy to my mommy heart. I was scared to love you, but there was no way that I could stop myself. You are the sweetest little boy and I love every moment with you, even if your fingers do get tangled in my hair and it feels like you are pulling it all out.

You love your daddy  and always have big smiles for him too. You love to sit in his computer chair with him and look up football statistics. You are getting on all fours, and sometimes on your hands and toes. You are doing some scooting although mostly backwards. Every once in awhile you take a nose dive forward.

You are drinking big boy bottles now, about 6 oz at a time, and you had your first little taste of rice cereal this week. You always think you are starving and your doctor thinks you tend to overeat but I think your rolls are adorable. I've dreamed of having a pudgy baby. I could (and sometimes do) kiss your squishy little cheeks all day.

Your sleeping habits have been changing a bit and you've decided that you don't need to nap. You also insist on being rocked to sleep if we are serious about you sleeping. You know what though? I don't mind. My heart breaks that there are babies out there that don't have mommies to rock them, and mommies out there that don't have babies to rock. So even if it takes a little longer or people think we are spoiling you, if you need to me to rock you, I will rock you. I will never regret snuggling you a little longer or letting you fall asleep in my arms because I know these times will be gone before I know it.

Love you lots little Ez,

{First rice cereal}

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