Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cohen & Friends

We've had lots of pictures of Cohen with his fan club that I haven't gotten a chance to here are some of them (a few may be repeats from old posts)

{Kim & Cohen}

 {Danielle & Cohen}

{Kristina & Cohen - He says sorry again about barfing down your shirt!}

 {Haylee & Cohen}

 {Cohen & Grampa}

 {Cohen & Auntie Christine}

  {Cohen & Bridget}

{Cohen & Lindsey}

{Cohen & Tamara}

{Cranky Cohen and his preemie friend Eli, they were in the NICU together}

{Stories from cousin Michelle}

{My cousins Julie & Annie came to visit (sorry Annie, I look really silly in the one with you in it)}

 {Cohen & his preemie friend Isaiah}

{Cohen & Gramma 2}

{Cohen, Richie & Rachael}

{Cohen & Rachael - it was too cute not to add!}

{Cohen & his NICU girls}

{Cohen has lots of NICU friends}

{A few more of his girls...he was getting a little sleepy}

{Cohen & Gramma}

{Dad, Cohen, & Jimmy}

Thanks everybody for being a part of our lives!! If any of Cohen's other friends have pictures out there, feel free to email them to me, he would like them for his scrapbook!

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