Friday, April 29, 2011


Well, the babies and I are awake. They were hungry and I can't sleep. We go to UW Monday morning at 7:15, so you can keep that in your thoughts and prayers! When laying around you have a lot (too much) time to think. I find myself thinking about all the "what ifs". And while I guess it is okay to consider and be prepared that some of those things may happen I have to not let myself get caught up in what could happen. So these are a few of the things I am thankful for today:
- The little collection of baby stuff that arrived in my garage a few days ago. My auntie brought some things over from eastern washington and my Dad went and picked it up and delivered it to us. It was like Christmas morning when I went out there! We now have another crib, a changing table, bouncy seat, and a swing! We are grateful that people have passed things along to us that they don't need anymore!

- My dear hubby who works all day and then comes home and makes dinner and waits on his wife :) I love him and appreciate all he does so much!

- I am VERY thankful that we have family and friends around. I know I will need a lot of help, before AND after babies. I found breakfast delivered on my porch this morning - thanks mom! Christine, my sis-in-law also stopped by and dropped off a cute little basket of yarn, crochet needles, a word puzzle book and chocolate! We questioned our moving up here a few times and now it seems to be pretty clear that God had a plan for us before we knew how or why. There was a job opening for me, in the area I wanted to work in with the schedule that I wanted, so that we could move up here. We also found a house that was well within our price range the weekend that we started looking. Not to mention almost all of my family is within 5 minutes of our house, which is handy :) And now we are realizing that we are going to need them all close by!

- I am glad that I feel the babies moving. They move a LOT and its just a nice little reassurance.

- I am also thankful for netflix! We recently canceled our TV service because we never really watched it and we were trying to cut back. Netflix will probably be my good friend for the next little while!

- I am also thankful for my friends who check up on me, sweatpants, and Edaleen Dairy ice cream :)

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