Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday Projects

Saturdays have become our work days since, as previously mentioned, I don't accomplish a lot after I get home from work (other than napping). So this weekend we finished painting the primer on in the baby room and picked out a paint color for the room.

And, since all last year Danny used one of these (that we borrowed  from Joel) to mow the lawn, we decided it was time for an upgrade. So off we went to True Value and got a brand new push mower. Danny got it all set up and away he went! First lawn mowing of the spring!
 I feel like we have been getting quite a few of our little projects done that we have been wanting to do for some time but never quite get around to (we have been talking about the lawn mower since LAST spring). It helps that the weather is finally (sort of) getting nicer and it is good motivation that we also have a little bit of a deadline to get some of these things done before the babies come!

And this wasn't a project of mine, but I do like to reap the benefits of fresh eggs! Mom got 24 new baby chicks and she stopped by so I could see them!

Twin baby chickies :)
Next up is the kitty door in our garage for Russell, who is beginning his transition to outside kitty. Right now he thinks the baby things we are collecting are his. We always find him sleeping in the bottom of the bassinet. I taught him everything he knows about napping :)

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