Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Projects

We didn't get too much done around the house this weekend...Danny went to Seattle for his friend Andy's birthday. It is a "Cowboy & Indian" themed party so one of my projects was to make him an Indian costume to wear. Here he is trying on his outfit (and yes he knows I put the picture on here, haha).
He later added a bow & arrow to his ensemble
 Since tomorrow is Easter, Danny is just making a quick trip and is leaving early in the morning to make it back for church and lunch with the family. He has decided that the lawn is his project this spring/summer so he put some fertilizer on the lawn and then watered it. We'll see if it grows a little better!

I didn't do a whole lot this weekend, I did plant pick the weeds out of my little front garden and plant a few flowers. I also ordered the bedding for the cribs! It was a little expensive since we had to buy two sets, but we have gotten a lot of our other stuff handed down to us our at second hand stores so we decided on a little splurge. Plus, I really like it and its pretty neutral so if we have any more kids we can use it again!

The rest of the day I spent at Michelle's Easter concert at church, and then my friend Kim came up from Seattle so we went to the Lynden Dutch Bakery for strawberry rhubarb pie (yum). Then, it was SO nice out so we pulled the lawn chairs out of the garage and soaked up a little sun!! I finished the afternoon off with the first spring/summer BBQ at Karen and Josh's! Now I am ready for bed :)
Jordan waiting for the concert to start
Michelle getting ready to sing!


  1. Hopefully he will change his costume before church and dinner?????

  2. Love Danny's costume!! Have to save that for a future Halloween costume!