Thursday, April 14, 2011

18 Weeks and SNOW!?

Not too much to report this week, the babies are the size of sweet potatoes! I had to go up a size in my scrubs this week. I also had my first stranger ask me how far along I was and then a few days later a whole bunch of my patients were commenting too. I must have gotten noticeably bigger? Up until a few days ago nobody said anything and now lots of people are asking. I went to the dentist yesterday and the hygienist made a comment and when I said that it was twins she was so distraught. She kept telling me that everything would be okay and asking how much family I had around to help me because I would need them all. I think she was more worried about it than I am. I must have really made her frazzled because she was cleaning my teeth and I kept seeing water dripping from the ceiling and finally I realized that one of her tools was spraying water like a fountain all the way up to the ceiling! It was good entertainment at least. Poor lady, hope she doesn't lose too much sleep over the babies tonight!

In other news, we got paint for the room so we will probably be working on that this weekend. We haven't settled on any names yet and when we do we will probably keep them a secret! We have our next OB appointment in 2 weeks. It really has been nice to not go in every week, but we will also be happy to get to see our babies again. And, it SNOWED this morning!


  1. Russell with the photo-bomb!

  2. Goodness...people are so wierd! And don't they know that it is completely rude to ask if someone is pregnant? I think having twins would be amazing. Hard work - but well worth it. So congrats =)