Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday Projects

This week's Saturday (and Sunday) Projects included painting the babies room. The room was yellow (like the entire rest of our house) so we painted the ceiling white and the walls a light brown/tan. We have one crib from a consignment store and we are inheriting another one from one of my aunties. As soon as the paint is all dry we can start moving our little piles of stuff we are gathering into the room! And now that we are done, I hope we don't have to do any painting again for a long, long time.

I have also accumulated quite a collection of stuff from middle school, high school, and college so I have been working on putting the things that I want to keep in scrapbooks and then parting with the rest. I finished the high school book so I just need to make one for college and maybe one for elementary/middle school.

I also planted a few things for my garden. I probably should have waited a little longer since we just had snow last week, but i just put them in little starter pots and then I can move them later. I know I probably won't actually be doing much with a garden, if anything it will be more like a container garden, but when the sun finally comes out it makes me happy and I want to plant things :)

Our next projects will probably include:
- Extending our little patio out to the corner of the house
- Cleaning out the garage
- A fence...this one may not happen, we need to see how much it will cost. Right now we have a nice dirt/grass hill behind our house but they are rapidly building houses and I have a feeling we will have one right behind us sooner rather than later, so a fence would be nice.
Flowers in my garden :)

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