Thursday, September 26, 2013

Proud Mom Moment

Can I just tell you how proud my little mommy heart was yesterday? I took 2 of my nephews and Cohen to the park yesterday. The big boys were so sweet to Cohen, holding his hand and helping him climb on the toys.

And watching them, it just hit me. I am so proud of him. Some days can be hard. I'm tired, he's cranky, we are both easily frustrated. His trains don't fit together just right and he gets upset. He loses his balance and trips and falls again, a little too close to where Ezra is playing. I don't wait the proper amount of time, which changes every day, to get him out of his pajamas and he has a fit.

But then, there he is. Running clumsily around the playground. Climbing up the steps. And even walking across the unstable bridge, which he NEVER would have done just a few months ago. My little boy, growing up. There were days we didn't even know if he was going to live or what kind of life he would have. He is going to have an amazing life and hopefully a full, long, happy life. I love this little boy with his determination and his kind heart so very much.

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