Friday, September 20, 2013

3 Months

My little pudge is 3 months old, I can't believe it!! It has been such a different experience in so many ways, having a full term, chubby baby.

I feel like we just stop and breathe this time around. I don't have to check on oxygen or feeding tubes, although I do still check on him all the time. Ezra is still sleeping in our room because he is still getting up a few times during the night (yawn). I love our mornings together. He gets up about 6 am to nurse and then snuggles in bed with me. The early morning light comes through the curtains and I just get to stare at him. His chubby cheeks and his little hands. I love to watch him sleep.

And he truly is a pleasant baby. Now that we've gotten his tummy troubles worked out, he rarely screams and is a pretty easy going fellow with plenty of smiles. I often find him rolled over in his bed from his tummy to his back, although he's never actually done it so we can witness it. He eats every 4 hours and is now taking good naps. We had a rough go in his first month or two. Poor fellow was so miserable that he would just scream all the time and not nap. Now that I've been off of dairy, he is so.much.better.

He weighed in at 14 lbs at his doctor's appointment. He just got his 2 month shots (we were a little late on his appointment) and slept for 2 days straight. The big boy is wearing 3-6 month clothes and some 6 month pajamas.

He is my little ray of sunshine who hates his carseat and drools a lot. He loves to "talk" and is such a smiley boy. He likes to try to sit up when we hold him. When he plays on the floor he bats at his toys and is fascinated by the same little hanging bug toy that Cohen was when he was a baby.

We are just loving having a "normal" baby experience!

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  1. Oh my goodness he is SOOOO cute!!! Love the sweet pictures and so happy you are enjoying a "normal" experience:)