Friday, September 13, 2013

Fess Up Friday

One night at dinner I didn't have a napkin so I used Cohen's bib. While he was wearing it.

While playing in the yard, Cohen was overheard saying "stupid kitty". We'll never know where he learned that.

I accused my coworker of not doing all her work until she pointed out that she had done her work and that I didn't know what day it was. I never know what day it is.

I put a teeny, tiny pair of little boy undies on Cohen, not because he's potty trained, but because I thought they were adorable.

Cohen has been very interested in the potty so we got him a movie about it at the library. He LOVES it and it's really short so it usually plays a few times before we turn it off. The songs get stuck in my head and I actually heard myself sing "the potty song" out loud at work. 

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