Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Quick Update

The blog posts are getting fewer and farther between. I'm trying to keep up though because I like to have things written down so I remember what actually happened in our lives!

At this point, we are adjusting, or trying anyway. It seems to be the theme since Ezra was born. Ezra is much different than Cohen ever was as a baby so we are trying to figure out his little personality and temperament. Poor little fellow is quite fussy and hates sleep. In fact, he hates sleep so much I'm not even sure he's mine!  It makes for quite the challenge with a busy 2 year old and a non-sleeping and cranky baby who naps about 20-30 minutes in a 4 hour time period (Any tips for babies who fight sleep horribly??) But, hopefully we'll figure it out.

{Caught up with the ice cream truck and got a popsicle!}

Cohen has been doing his best to be helpful. He can now take diapers to the trash and bring the binky to baby. It's been a bit hard being as there is only one of me and both my boys need attention and sometimes I feel so bad that I can't give them both what they need at the moment.

{Meeting Gramma 2 for the first time}

I am remembering why I never used to get dressed since I seem to constantly be covered in poop or barf at any given time, plus, who has time to get dressed!?

{Sweet little face that makes it all worth it}

I'm trying to remind myself that both my boys will only be this age once. Even though some days seem to drag on, I know I will look back and think how quickly it went. When I want to pull all my hair out and send myself to the looney bin, I try to keep in mind that Ezra is only going to be little once, so I will try to enjoy these moments as much as I can. I will snuggle my sweet boys and kiss their little cheeks while they let me. And also enjoy my rare moments when the stars align and both boys sleep at the same time. Ahh, a little peace and quiet goes a long way so when they get up we can start all over! It's been hard, but I think the hard moments make the good ones that much better.

{Big boy summer haircut}

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