Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Visit From Friends

Our friends from Idaho recently came over for a quick visit while they were in town. It was so good to see them. I always realize how much I miss them when we get to see them. It just feels so comfortable with them because they are so "real". I never feel like I need to make sure Cohen is behaving perfectly or like I'm the perfect parent. Not that I'm able to do that anyway, but it just feels like so much less pressure when we're together.

The boys had fun playing outside in the dirt (sorry about your last clean clothes!!) and eating scones and crackers. Cohen thought it was pretty fun to have other boys his age around. Please move our way soon!!!

This is what it looks like trying to get 5 boys and their moms to all look the same direction at once. We may be crazy because we are hoping to go on a little camping trip this summer. That will definitely make the blog if it happens...

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  1. hey! I didn't even see this one! Look at how awesome we are!!! :) :)