Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nighttime Adventures

Last night we had our first "adventure" as parents of two.

Ezra woke up around 2 am, ate and refused to go back to sleep. We walked, we bounced, we binky-ed, he was just awake. Three times he fell asleep and then popped open his little peepers the minute we laid him down. Finally, I stuck him in his boppy in between us in bed.

Just as Ezra was settling down we heard Cohen crying over the monitor. Danny got up to check on him and I could hear Cohen trying all his best reasons to get out of bed - "book", "ming" (milk),"guy" (stuffed animal) and finally "eat". He settled on eat as his best chance and repeated it over and over. So, we figured maybe he was actually hungry. We tried bringing some crackers into his room, but nope, he wanted the full eating experience. So we went out into the dining room and put him in his chair to let him eat. Then he pointed at one chair and said "mommy" and pointed at the other chair for Daddy. We were all going to sit down to eat or it didn't count.

When he decided he was done he wanted to play with his truck. By now it was 4 am and I wanted sleep. I carried his truck to his bed and told him he could play with it there. He seemed satisfied with that and we put him back in bed. Danny and I returned to our bed, with Ezra still in the boppy taking up 1/3 of the bed. We figured we would finally get some sleep until we heard Cohen's truck making noises over the monitor. He was pushing the same button over and over.

By this point we were both just laughing, because what else can you do? We had also been up for so long that I was hungry. I got up, peeled Cohen's leftover cheese off the table, ate it and went back to bed. We finally fell asleep laughing and listening to the sound of "Breaker breaker, good buddy" over the baby monitor.

Here's hoping for a nap today!!

{3 am snack} 

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