Friday, June 14, 2013

Fess Up Friday

There is a load of laundry that has been sitting in my dryer for probably a week. I can't wear any of the clothes so I figure why bother?

Last night I ate almost an entire pineapple, 3 cups of raspberry leaf tea, bounced on an exercise ball and went for a long walk to try and entice this baby out. It didn't work.

I am so over cooking.

Yesterday I took Cohen to the bakery for a little treat and we were both sitting down eating our snacks and I realized I never paid.

I laugh every time Cohen says "butt" instead of "button"

We still haven't gotten the bassinet put back together or put the carseat in the car.

There are times after Cohen has gone to bed that I will realize I'm still watching Elmo or Nemo.

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