Saturday, April 6, 2013

Weekend Activities

It was another busy weekend over here in the Kimmel household. Friday morning I had a doctor's appointment. Danny got off work early so we could head down to Seattle for our friend Jimmy's birthday. We got a pass for the zoo so we decided to make use of it and stop on our way. The weather forecast wasn't looking good but we decided to chance it and it didn't rain at all! We took Cohen last year but he wasn't quite old enough to "get" it.

I think he will still appreciate it a little more when he's older, but if he could actually see the animals then he liked to look at them. We got to see hippos, a snow leopard, penguins, emus, kangaroos, snakes, fish, and the gorillas. He watched the gorillas for quite awhile, but the resident crows were his favorite.

Since it's the off season the zoo was closing earlier than we thought, I think Cohen would have loved to run around and explore a little more, but it was a good little taste. It was also really nice because there weren't that many people there and Cohen could actually get up close enough to see some of the animals.

From the zoo we went to our friends' house for a diaper change and a quick snack. We went out to dinner for the birthday boy Jimmy. When we got there we found out there was a 45 minute wait. By the time we got to our table Cohen was done. I ordered my food to go, ended up eating it real quick at the table and then taking Cohen back to our friends house for bed. He zonked out right away but decided to get up to play in the middle of the night, as he often does when he's had a very busy day that isn't his normal routine.

Saturday morning we got up made some pancakes and decided to head home. We took Cohen home for a quick power nap and then headed back out for a mini playdate with a few other moms from a local baby loss group. It's always nice to just get together and chat with moms who get it and just get out a few thoughts to people who understand.

We found out my little brother John home from college for a quick visit and the fam was having a pizza dinner at my parents house. So, from the park we went to there house for dinner. We were all tired, especially Cohen, and I wanted him to have a little down time before bed so we didn't stay too long. We came home for a bath, some snuggle time during Elmo, and BED! I'm exhausted and the weekend isn't even over, which I guess is a good thing! We had fun and call me crazy, but I love my down time.


  1. I found your blog recently and just finished reading through.
    I'm sorry for the pain you've had, but also happy for you on how well Choen is doing and excited for your newest arrival.
    I am just a few weeks further along with my second pregnancy as well. My first had a very minor nicu stay, so I cannot even begin to imagine what you've gone through.
    Thanks for sharing your family and your gorgeous children with everyone.