Tuesday, April 2, 2013

29 Weeks

Still moving right along! I'm starting to feel large and in charge over here, or at least large. I walked by the mirror one day and I had to go back and look again because I felt like I had grown overnight. I am even outgrowing some of my maternity clothes, which I didn't even think about, I thought they would fit forever.

I barely failed my glucose tolerance test (by 2 points!!!) so I have to do the 3 hour one this week which I'm not too excited about. I tried to put up a fight against my doctor's office about having to do it (it was 2 points!!) but then my guilt got the better of me and I decided I should just suck it up and do it.

It's funny how often I think about doing or not doing something and then thinking about whether I would regret it later on if something happened, like not taking this test. I also try to remind myself of what I would have given to be in this spot with the boys or what other people would give to me in my shoes, pregnant and complaining about a little glucose tolerance test.

Baby Ezra continues to move like crazy and constantly changes position. Most of the time I think I can tell what position he's in my which part of my stomach is moving or getting kicked. It feels weird to have such a "big" baby inside still. I frequently have little baby body parts sticking out that I can feel. I have pretty bad heartburn, so if the old wives tale is true, this baby must have a lot of hair.

We are slowly starting to think about things like getting a crib, what we will do with Cohen when the time comes, and other "practical" things. I even washed a load of tiny baby clothes, just for fun. You know, the things we never really had time to think about before.

Cohen still hasn't really noticed my belly. He still tries to sit on my to read him stories but doesn't realize why it isn't quite working.

That's the pregnancy update, still moving right along, we are almost to the big 3-0 weeks which is just so incredible to me.


  1. Love the prego update!!!:) SO happy all is well!

  2. Im so thrilled to hear how well your pregnancy is going. It gives alot of hope to those of us who are thinking about pregnancy after a preemie (someday ;) )