Monday, April 22, 2013

The History of "Stinky"

Cohen has a little blankey lovey named Stinky. He originally started out as Mr. Shakers because of the little rattle in the giraffe part of it. Then one day we were in the car and we couldn't figure out what smelled like feet and finally realized it was Cohen's Mr. Shakers. So then he was dubbed Mr. Stinkers. Cohen has recently started asking for "Stinky" by name, so now he's just Stinky. Stinky isn't so Stinky anymore, but he's stuck with the name. He also isn't quite as clean and pretty as he once was, but he is incredibly well loved by a certain little boy.

{Mr. Shakers circa Feb 2012 - back when he was shiny and new}

{Mr. Stinkers July 2012 - Blanket smelling runs in the family?}

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