Thursday, February 7, 2013

First Time Mom, Again

"Remember how when he was a newborn and..."

I do remember when he was a newborn, but it depends on if you are talking about when he was first born, or when he was a newborn by his adjusted age. And probably, I don't remember how this or that went because we didn't exactly have the newborn experience. I'll admit, I'm a little nervous. Although this isn't my first baby, it will hopefully be more like the actual newborn experience, of which I generally know nothing about.

Hopefully this baby won't require isolettes, breathing tubes, oxygen, feeding tubes etc. But wait, I know how to deal with that stuff. What do I do with a baby that is born on time and does regular baby things? What do I do if I don't have to pull oxygen tubing around the house or worry constantly about whether he is gaining weight? I won't have 4 months to adjust to his schedule and numerous doctors and nurses to help me learn his routine.

I am excited that if this baby cooks the proper amount of time that he will get to wear clothes and eat and I will get to hold him right away. But I don't even know what a tiny baby does at night. For the first 4 months, we left Cohen at night. The first night that we actually got be with him was the first night he came home at 130 days old. I don't even know how to nurse a baby or how often he eats or how I know if he's eating enough.

So, I am feeling a little nervous. Like a first time mom who knows nothing. I feel like I should know more than I do! I'm hoping maybe I know more than I think I do, but I'm not so sure. I guess we'll see how it goes as a pseudo first time mom! I'm so thankful for my very supportive husband and family who I know will help us out. Even if I am a little nervous, I'm excited to hopefully have this "normal" (whatever that is) first time mom with a newborn at home experience.


  1. My husband and I talk about this alot when we talk about a hypothetical 2nd baby (hopefully one that is term or very close to it.) We knew our daughter well by the time we took her home after 124 days. She was past term so we skipped over some of the newborn stuff at home (the good stuff and the hard/tiring stuff.)

    Ill be taking close notes once you have your newest little boy home with you after a very long and hopefully boring pregnancy!

  2. I had the newborn normal experience with Brenna. I just wish I had known to appreciate it more. I complained about not getting enough sleep. Little did I know I would be getting much less sleep calling the NICU constantly worrying about oxygen sats, brain bleeds, collapsed lungs, etc. I've done both and normal is about 10,000 times easier than micro-preemie!!! I wish every new parent understood how easy they had it. You will do great as a "new" parent. Praying for a nice, long pregnancy for you.

  3. I wonder how I'll handle a FULL SIZE baby! My micro-preemie was just under 5lbs when she came home from the NICU- shes 19 months now and just hit the 18lb mark - I cant imagine carrying a normal size baby after that! lol

  4. We experienced the exact same feelings (in reverse). Our first was a termie and second was a preemie. You are such a wonderful extra special mommy first and so your TERMIE will be so lucky to have a mommy that will savor every moment. Cheering you on!!!