Friday, February 8, 2013

Fess Up Friday

When I set my alarm I always set it for odd times like 6:06 so that I can get as much sleep as possible, down to the minute.

I went grocery shopping and came back out to the car and found my keys sitting in my unlocked car on the driver's seat. Good thing cars like mine aren't in high demand.

Back when I was a perfect mom, before I had kids, I would never have let my toddler watch TV. Now I think it's cute that he claps and points when Elmo shows up on Sesame Street.

I was halfway through brushing my teeth when I realized something felt off and that I was using Danny's toothbrush.

I have been dreaming of girl scout cookies and have asked everyone within a 5 mile radius where I can get them. So far I have been unsuccessful.


  1. ahhh! Best line ever! "Back when I was a perfect mom, before I had kids".

    I am happy to have some GS cookies to you, PM your address. xoxo

  2. Love the "perfect mom before I had kids". I think it belongs on a t-shirt or bumper sticker or something.

  3. Elmo taught Connor to read... no guilt there! :)

  4. haha, I laughed out loud, "Back when I was a perfect mom, before I had kids" so true. I thought the same things!