Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Review

We had a busy weekend!

I have no idea what we did on Friday.

Saturday we ran some errands in the morning and then went to a birthday party for my nephew Jordan. This was his kid party but we went along to help get ready and with some of games. It was around 92* that day, which for us is relatively unheard of for us. I have poor temperature control anyway (or so Danny tells me) so I was melting. Cohen was a little cranky all weekend and I think it was because of the heat.

 {Party animals}

After Jordan's kid party, we went over for a BBQ at Joel and Christine's (my bro and sis-in-law). Every year they set up a giant slip n slide in their back yard and the kids and adults alike love it. I don't think anyone has even gone too far and hit the house yet this year! Even Cohen got in on the action. He seemed fairly indifferent about the whole thing, but kept wanting to climb up the hill so we took that as a sign he wanted to

do it again.

 {Even Grampa got in on the action!}

We opened presents for Jordan and my Dad and then had birthday pie.

 {Birthday boys}

{Grampa and grandkids, Cohen was already in bed}

Sunday we were exhausted but it was really hot out again. I had been planning on staying home but it was so miserable so we headed over to my parents to swim in the pool. We hung out there in the pool or the shade for most of the afternoon. Sunday evening we were SO glad to have Danny home. We tried to put Cohen to bed but he wasn't having it. It was either his 3 naps he had taken Sunday or the heat. So he got to stay up later than usual and we went on a nice long walk since it was finally cooler outside than in our house. 

Today is Jordan's official birthday and he is 6 years old! Happy Birthday, Jordan!! He is very excited because he loves anything garbage truck related and today is yard waste day, the garbage man is coming on his birthday!!! Such a lucky boy!

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