Friday, August 17, 2012

Fess Up Friday

* I got Cohen a book from the library and I wiped it off with a Lysol wipe before letting him have it

* I wore a swimsuit cover up as a dress around the house because I didn't have any shorts I wanted to wear

* I put a load of laundry on our bed to fold, then I took a nap instead, next to the laundry.

* I wrote about the upcoming cold/flu season and how we were have to start being super careful about germs again and then the next day I got sick...

* I squished a bug in a tissue (ok, fine it was a washcloth... the bug scared me and that was the closest I could find to squish it with) and then I saved it to show Danny to make sure it wasn't a termite

* I had to ask a friend to make sure that NE stood for Nebraska


  1. What about having your SISTER check up your nose for cold boogers??

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  3. love these. I do the laundry one all the time. And laughed, mostly at myself thinking it was a fabulous idea, about Lysoling the library book.

  4. Love the Lysoling the book. I used to bring wipes to the park to wipe down the swings. Yes, I got a few stares, but I didn't say anything to them ; I just kept on wiping!