Thursday, August 2, 2012

Growing Up

 Today is post #400 on our little blog! This blog has seen a lot in those 400 posts, joy tears, celebration, sadness and the incredible journey of an amazing little boy. When we started this blog after finding out we were pregnant with twins, we had no idea what was to come or how much our lives were about to change. Thank you all for reading about and caring for our family! We have been blessed with so much support throughout our journey.

I love this age that Cohen is at, whatever age that is...somewhere between 10 months and nearly 14 months.

He is so much fun and so full of personality. He loves big boy toys and refuses to play with most baby toys. A lot of his days are spent pushing trucks and cars around while making car noises. He also likes to "fix" things, wheels, any buckles, buttons, or drawer handles. He will climb on anything he can get onto. One day he climbed a stool onto his toy box and was looking out the window.

He has started to dance to music and sometimes to just the music in his head. He is cruising around on everything and thinks he can walk although he really doesn't have the balance for it. I think he may skip standing/walking and go straight to running. He quit saying "yum" and "hey", I think he's too busy trying to walk to focus on anything else. And he is CONSTANTLY eating.

Cohen has this little toy that he sleeps with. We call it Mr. Shakers because it has a bell in it's head and you can hear him rolling around with it at night. Sometimes we call it Mr. Stinkers because it smells like a foot. Mr. Shakers has a tag on it that Cohen sucks on while he sleeps and it's hard to get away from him to wash. I'm seriously considering buying another one so that we can wash it more often and not have him notice that it's gone.

{I found him sleeping like this the other night}

That's my boy these days, busy as ever.

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