Saturday, March 29, 2014

This Kid

This boy. He has been all kinds of healing for my heart. He has been joy and smiles and all day snuggles.

He has been toothy grins and chubby hands touching my face. Curled toes that will carry him so far in his life. A little bit serious and mostly happy. A momma's boy. He has been 9 months of nursing, cuddling and bonding.

He has been fingers up my nose and a head on my shoulder. A moving, exploring, climbing boy. He has been brotherly love that we didn't know if we would ever get.

He is my alarm clock in the morning. Curious and independent. A tolerant little brother but can hold his own. An example of God's love, faithfulness, and goodness. Joy and hope.

Worth every single fear and "what if". Worth worry and every doctor's appointment. Every sleepless night and every stretch mark. It's all worth it.

And so, so loved. In big heart melting ways.

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