Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ezra - 9 Months

Ok seriously,

Ezra is 9 months old!! Has it really been 9 months since he joined our little family!?

He is:
Wearing 9/12 month clothes
Size 3 diapers (at night), still going strong with the cloth diapers at home
Getting into everything
Pulling up to stand and I've caught him standing without holding on a few times
The proud owner of two bottom teeth and working on a top tooth

Ezra loves to play with Cohen, but doesn't like to be forced into something he doesn't want to do (wrestling, being "pick 'em'd" by Cohen). He crawls all over and loves to play on Cohen's big boy bed and look out the window. We have taken him outside a few times since the weather's been nice and he has loved tromping around behind big brother.

He has recently taking to shrieking and screaming at the top of his lungs. He also has learned to put his arms up when he wants up or to get out of his seat.

He eats (and eats and eats) everything. The only thing we've found that aren't his favorite are scrambled eggs, otherwise it's down the hatch! Except for grass (see picture below)

He still loves to snuggle and is also still nursing. He takes two naps a day, one usually short morning nap and an afternoon nap. Ezra and Cohen are sharing a room (except for naps) and they both sleep great at night for the most part.

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