Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Waiting for Spring

We are most certainly ready for spring around here! We've had snow/ice the last two weekends in a row. Friends kept asking if Cohen had fun playing in the snow. That would be a no since it was freezing, and windy, and drifting. We did go out when it very first started and make a little snow man with Cohen and he thought that was awesome.


But after it stopped snowing and the sun came out a few days later, he did. I sent him out with a spoon from the kitchen and a bucket and he had fun digging and moving the snow. We didn't take Ezra out since it was so cold, but he got to get some fresh air and watch big brother from the window.

It's also been pouring down rain so Cohen has been making good use of his rainsuit.

Come onnnnnnnnnnnn spring and sun!!!

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