Friday, May 10, 2013

Fess Up Friday

One day I was in our living room muttering about how I shouldn't have to clean the house and pick up toys when I'm 12 months pregnant. Then I heard Danny say from the other room "You forgot the part about how I make you bike to work uphill both ways"

We have been using plastic shot glasses to teach Cohen how to drink from a cup and not have to clean up so much spillage.

When I get Cohen's jammies on at night and his feet are filthy from playing sockless in his crocs, I wipe them off with a baby wipe and put socks on and deal with it in the morning.

I accidentally wore Danny's "Proud Preemie Dad" shirt out of the house.

I haven't worn pants in over a week before they are too hard to get on. Thank goodness for skirts!!

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