Monday, May 20, 2013

Fence Building

We have been wanting to put up a fence for some time now and with baby Ezra arriving soon and Cohen loving to be outside, it was time. I told Danny it needed to be done before Ezra gets here. Now Cohen can play outside where I can see him and not have to worry about him running away or getting in the neighbor's garden.

We invited the boys over, fed them lunch, and put them to work. Thankfully it wasn't raining or too hot out. They got most of it up in a few hours and there are just a few more parts to finish and we are in business. I'm so glad to have it done and I think Danny is too!

The womenfolk got to get a few things done too. We have garbage bags full of scraps from diapers that we were able to sort into piles of scraps we could get more diapers out of, scraps to be cut into squares for baby quilts, and scraps that I will find another project for. Not even our scraps go to waste around here! 

All in all a productive and tiring day, but we are so glad to have the fence up! 

 {The first piece is up!}

{Danny working hard}

{Sorting scraps}

{Cutting scraps into squares for blankets}

{Cohen's contribution was dumping a bag of chips on the ground and then eating them}

 {The boys showing off the fence}


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