Monday, May 6, 2013

Cinco de Mayo

We have officially started birthday season around here. Actually we started at the end of March with my nephew's birthday and now we are in full swing.

{Working hard on Gramma's birthday card}

Sunday was my mom's birthday so we celebrated with a taco lunch at my sister Karen's. The weather around here has been so nice (and so not normal). Thankfully, they have a nice shady yard in the afternoon because this girl doesn't tolerate the heat well normally and equally not as well while pregnant.

Cohen ate and ate and ate some more, threatened to throw up once, and then continued eating. 

Karen had the slip n slide and little kiddie pool all set up for the kids and they had fun playing in the water. Cohen went in the little pool, fell over and was done although he did tromp through the puddles on the slip n slide later on.

{After lunch nap time for the big boys}

Happy Birthday Gramma, we love you!

{Food time - stolen from Karen} 

{Cohen's first ride in the gator with cousin Josiah - stolen from Karen}

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