Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We were having some minor technical difficulties on the blog, but I think we've figured them out for now. 

We made it through Turkey day. We spent Thanksgiving Day with my parents and two of my brothers, the smallest Thanksgiving table we've had in a long time! I wasn't feeling that great in the morning so Danny took Cohen over to my parents to watch football with the boys and I took a nap. When I woke up I wandered over to their house to have some appetizers. Since my mom and I were the only girls, we left the men to watching football and we worked on diapers. We top stitched, pinned, and tied together over 85 sets of diapers.

{Cutest little turkey handprints}

{Sprite & Diapers, what else!?}

{Such sweet brothers}

Cohen was worn out and took a very long nap that I finally had to wake him up from. He was up just in time for dinner! He wasn't terribly interested in any of the food besides the stuffing and the pie, but he loved his leftovers the next day.

{Mmm, Mmm}

Friday, we skipped Black Friday shopping and went down to Seattle to see the Danny's parents. His brother, sister in law and nephew were also there and they got to meet Cohen for the first time so that was fun. Cohen had a good time playing with his cousin and getting into everything. We had another delicious dinner, this time Cohen devoured everything, and then got to visit for a little while. Cohen started to fall apart so we decided to head home. Cohen gets an award for best little traveler, he slept all the way there and back.

We had a busy but relaxing few days. I'm thankful that this years the holidays seem to be a little bit easier so far. We came home from Danny's parents and I just went straight to the couch. I informed Danny I was going to bed and he said I couldn't because Cohen wasn't even in bed yet. After Cohen went to bed and it was acceptable for me to go to, I did, at 7:30 pm. Eating turkey and growing a baby is hard work!

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  1. Heeee, hard work indeed :) SO glad to hear you had a blessed time. Hope you will be feeling better soon. Those early weeks can be so exhausting.