Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Here Comes a Fighter

As Cohen gets older, his personality is coming out more and more. I already have "The Strong-Willed Child" in my possession waiting to be read. I'm not sure I can put it off too much longer.

While Cohen definitely has a stubborn streak and wants things his way in his time, I don't mind it that much. I'm sure it will be challenging, but that isn't anything new for us. After all, Cohen was born fighting. He was born struggling and finding ways to make things work his own way in his own time. Babies born at 25 weeks are given a 50% chance of survival. Every time we just weren't sure, he would pull through. Everything something "unheard of" would come up, we would just nod our heads, not terribly surprised.

 I think any preemie parent will tell you that preemies are fighters and they overcome impossible odds. It's what they were born doing and continue to do. It's no wonder they are opinionated, strong willed, and determined. These traits have already gotten Cohen far and will continue to allow Cohen to do great things. We know we may have a few more challenges on our hands, but after what we've already been through, what's a few more!? It's worth it.

 This song is quite different from the ones I usually post, and I apologize if it's offensive to any of you, but I love it. This is Cohen and his NICU buddy Eli's song. It makes me smile every time. They, and all preemies, are truly fighters. 

Yep, born at 25 weeks, and "extremely low birthweight" and "extremely premature", given a 50% chance of survival. This one's a fighter.


  1. I love it! All of our micro miracles are fighters. I hope they "give em hell" proving all the statistics wrong!

  2. I know God has big plans for your little fighter. Love the sweet pictures of him:)

  3. Thankful for these fighters! Those little gloves are precious =)

  4. I found your blog from The Matthew Monologues. I was just telling someone the other day how my 28 week preemie, who is now 15 months old, is extremely determined and strong willed. And even though her personality may present a few (probably more than a few) challenges when she's older, that is fine by me. Because it's that determined spirit that has her here with us today!! And congratulations on your pregnancy! Prayers for a happy & healthy nine months!! I look forward to reading more about your story. :)