Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Few Things

Thank you for all your kind and thoughtful comments about the pregnancy. nausea and about our first appointment. I have been trying a slew of things for my nausea and I while nothing gets rid of it, I've found a few things that make it more tolerable. Thanks for all the tips!!

While it was disheartening to have a less than stellar first appointment, I am not too worried because I know I have other doctors who have supported us in our last pregnancy and have already been very encouraging to us. I learned my lesson and will stick to seeing the doctors that I know are willing to help us in the ways that we need. Don't worry too much about me, I am confident in our other doctors and I also know how to make sure we are getting the things that we feel like we need. In this particular situation, with this doctor, I didn't feel like it was worth my energy trying to explain to her or try and make her "get it" because I think she had already made up her mind about it. I also knew that I had the option to not see her again and I was comfortable with that.

Also, we have received several packages in the mail for our NICU Care Packages. Many of them are "anonymous" and don't have any indication who they are from. I would love to be able to thank those of you who have sent things, we greatly appreciate it! If you want to remain anonymous that's okay, please consider yourself thanked! Otherwise I would love to know who you are if you have sent us a package over the last few weeks.

Also, we are making great progress with our care packages! We had a good start as we asked for guests at Cohen's birthday party to bring donations so that gave us a great foundation. Time seems to be going by so quickly and we are already starting to think about assembling the packages soon. We are still in need of a few things if you are still interested in donating. You can visit our Amazon wish list and have things shipped directly to us (and include your name if you would :) We are still in need of: hot chocolate, $5 Starbucks gift cards, new blankets (hand made or store bought), small baby toys such as teethers (new) and small notebooks or journals.

I missed my last Bible study today. I looked up and it was 9:15 and it starts at 9:30, whoops. My wonderful sister still agreed to have Cohen over to play for a bit so I could get a few things done...take a shower, clip my toenails, and mail off some diapers! 

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  1. Cute picture of us! Didn't realize I was going to be all the way in it.