Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Night

Sorry, no pictures today. I am at home for the moment and didn't bring my camera or my laptop. Cohen is still doing well, he is up to 4 lbs 6 oz!  He has been having very few ABCs lately which is good and a lot less stressful on his Mom and Dad! He is still on 3L of oxygen and will probably get weaned tomorrow. He has also been enjoying lots of snuggle time, we usually hold him in the morning and then in the evening so that he can get some rest in between. He has also graduated to a bigger size binky (and now it's blue not pink!)

We had a nurse today who is pregnant and her due date is one day before mine was.  It's just so crazy to see Cohen and how big he is now and to think that the boys still would have been inside for another month. I would have been huge!

Danny got to enjoy some of the sunshine Saturday going river floating on the Green River with some friends. I passed on the opportunity because I wasn't sure how long it would take and I'm not sure how well pumping would have gone on an inner tube. I also have poor temperature control and get cold easily, which leads to me being quite crabby so I didn't want to take any chances there either. But, Danny had fun! I will be back in Seattle tomorrow and hopefully will have some new pictures then.

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