Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spaghetti, Smiles, and Sunshine

I have been loving seeing the sunshine lately even though the only time I usually see it is on my walk to or from the hospital. It's been nice to at least have a few days of summer.

I am sitting at "the home", that's what we call our hotel/dorm :), waiting for my water to boil so I can make some spaghetti. After two months of eating mostly fast food, I am getting ready to have some real food again! The home has a shared kitchen, but doesn't have many dishes and there are often other people in there cooking as well. It's definitely not as convenient as just stopping to get something to eat, but I sure am missing home cooked food! So I decided to start easy with spaghetti because it's easy to make and clean up.
Not much going on with the little mighty man today. He got his CPAP pressure turned down again, next step is probably the nasal cannula!! We aren't sure how fast they will move to that as he just got extubated this week, but we'll see. He seems to be doing well so far. I think he was just so ready to get rid of his tube. He also wore his first onesie today. It was a little big, but pretty cute. Cohen has also been smiling for about the last week or so and it is SO cute. I managed to get a picture of his little half smile today!


  1. What a big boy! He is beautiful!

  2. His eyes are even smiling! <3
    He is so adorable!
    Tell him his Auntie Christine loves him!