Monday, June 23, 2014

Ezra's First Birthday

Ezra  had a pretty low key birthday. Getting tucked in for his last night before turning ONE!

This has been one of my favorite times of day. Ezra wakes up between 5 and 6 for an early morning snack. I tuck him into bed with me to snuggle while he nurses or has a bottle. He's the best little snuggler and I am so going to miss these times. I keep wondering when it will be the last day that this happens, but I hope we have a little while longer. 

{Birthday Breakfast and snuggles}

After breakfast and morning nap we went out for birthday cookies! 

The boys went over to Gramma's to play and take naps. Gramma and Grampa took the boys to our favorite ice cream place and we met up with them there. Ezra wasn't a huge fan of the ice cream, until he got ahold of the chocolate ice cream. Then he couldn't get enough!

This kid is seriously just the sweetest boy. Happy First Birthday, Ez!!! 

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  1. Love that chalk pic:) Happy birthday to your sweet boy!!!!