Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Great Outdoors

Spring cannot come fast enough around here. With two busy boys who like to play outside, we are always desperate for spring. Non-rainy, cloth diapers drying in the sun, playing at the park, chalk on the sidewalk kind of weather. We've been working on our yard a bit and trying to spruce the place up. The boys love to "help" which usually involves eating dirt or throwing rocks.

 Today we went on a little outing to a local park and Cohen had a blast. He was free to run around without us having to worry about cars or him getting away. The park has nice trails that we can use our new (to us) double jogging stroller on! I see much more of this park in our future. A little hidden forest, quiet and calm.

We tend to get a little cramped in our small house, so outings are necessary. Bring on the nice weather!

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