Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Trip to the Lake

It has been unusually warm and sunny around here and we have been trying to take advantage of the weather. When I saw it was supposed to be 90* I knew we had to get out and do something rather than sit and bake in the house. Karen and Christine were going to the lake so we decided to be brave and go with them. I think I can now say I've been welcomed into the mom of 2 club.

We got to the lake, played for a little bit, and had lunch and played some more. Cohen even got in the lake, although not past his knees. The big kids wanted to walk around the lake and find a dock to jump off so we decided to make the trek with them. I had Ezra in the Ergo and Cohen was walking, but I figured we had enough arms to help him if he got tired. We found the dock and the kids had a blast jumping in.

After a bit, Ezra was getting fussy and I wanted to get heading towards home before Cohen got too tired. We decided to walk back on our own. It was a long walk for me, and longer for Cohen. Eventually he refused to walk and I ended up carrying him on my hip along with Ezra in the Ergo while they both screamed. We got a few looks, but we just trudged on. By the time we got back, Ezra was starving so I fed him. He proceeded to blow out his diaper requiring an outfit change, so I got him changed. Meanwhile, Cohen left his own surprise in his diaper. Then Ezra blew out his diaper for a second time. We had been planning on packing up and leaving pretty quickly, but 45 minutes later we were still there attempting to get everyone in a happy place. It took us so long that everyone else made it back and we were still there.

But, eventually we got everything packed up and in the car with a little help. Both boys slept on the way home and we were all exhausted! And that's the story of my first big semi-solo outing with both boys.

I've decided that I'm sure there will be more days with screaming babies in public, boys up past their naptimes, and less than ideal situations while out. While I was slightly embarrassed, we survived. We may be "those people" once in awhile, but I'm okay with it. And we are ready for more adventure!


  1. Good on ya! No need to be embarrassed...I doubt there's a mom out there that hasn't been in that situation. We empathize!

  2. I am so glad you guys came with us for an outing! I hope we can get a few more in before summer is over! Water park on Tuesday?!