Monday, February 23, 2015

Cohen - 3.5

If I'm in denial that Ezra is almost two, I'm definitely in denial that this guy is almost FOUR!

 My little hero.  He is growing so much. Like (literally) leaps and bounds. Getting more steady on his feet and more confidence in his heart. Always up for adventure.
He loves preschool and riding the bus. He loves hanging out with his Auntie and playing with his cousins. Whenever we go somewhere he says "Are my cousins going to be there?". He also loves pushing his shopping cart(s) around, trains and cars. Nearly every day I find our front door mat over the transition from the hardwoods to the carpet in his room and it's the "ramp" for his cars/shopping cart/trains. He also likes to connect and hang things across the house, which we have tried to limit to his room because otherwise the house turns into quite the obstacle course. It's so interesting to see his little mind working to make things happen and then carrying them out.

He is our Mr. Literal and just wants to know about everything about everything. "How does it work? Why does it do that? But why? But why? But why...." One day he was very persistently asking the same question over and over and I said told him to drop it. He said "But Mommy, I don't have anything to drop!" Oh dear...Always keeps us on our toes!

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