Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Staycation 2014: Railway Museum

We have a little Railway Museum nearby and I have been wanting to bring Cohen for awhile now and we finally made it happen! I never really know how he's going to do at places, if it's going to be a 10 minute wander and leave type thing, but he loved it here. It's hard to find things that keep Cohen's interest without being overwhelming, too much noise, not enough things to touch etc.

We walked in the door and he was already trying to get to the trains before we even paid admission. It is super kid friendly which is really nice. There are little stair stations set up so the kids can get up close and see the trains.

There is another little section with smaller trains and the kids can push the buttons to make the trains go. Cohen was a little too tempted and kept trying to touch the trains as they went by and knocked them off a few times, whoops.

They also have several train tables set up and boxes of train toys that the kids can play with. Cohen loved the train tables and all the trains. His favorite parts are the bridges and seeing how many trains he can connect and making the longest train ever. The only downfall is that they don't drive very well and he hates it when they fall apart or fall off the tracks! But, he did really well and I was very proud of him.

Ezra also loved watching the trains too. He would climb up on the little stairs and watch the trains go by. He would point and grunt every time they came by.

It was kind of small, but I am thrilled to have found something that keeps both boys entertained, although it probably wouldn't be as easy to watch both boys without Danny. We'd definitely go back here for sure!

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  1. Definitely want to take Jordan once! Maybe we can go together and I can help wrangle the kids :)