Saturday, July 26, 2014

Staycation 2014: Glen Camping

Last year we somehow weren't scared to take a 2 month old and 2 year old camping, but this year we haven't been that brave yet. We really love camping, but it's just seemed a little daunting this year. We decided to settle for pseudo camping at my parents "campsite". We went up Friday night, unloaded our stuff and took the boys down to the river. They LOVED it. They were dressed when we got there, but between the sand and the water, it was a losing battle. The dug and scooped and poured and dumped (and even ate a little). 

After the river we headed back to cook up some hotdogs, hamburgers, fresh green beans and cinnamon rolls for dessert/breakfast. There's a burn ban here in WA so we couldn't have a campfire, which is sad because it's always my favorite part.

The wonderful thing about this kind of camping is we get to be indoors. The boys slept well and so did we. In the morning we went out to the park and then convinced the boys that we should swing by the pool on the way out (I know, right!?) Cohen has been less than impressed with pools this summer so I didn't have high hopes but wanted to see what he would do. Ezra took a little convincing and then loved sitting on the shallow step and splashing around. Cohen was harder to persuade but eventually I did get him to put his feet in and splash a little.

This was perfect for this year and here's hoping for some real camping at an actual campground in a tent and making s'mores camping next year!

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