Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Superbowl Champs!

Alright, by now everyone knows the Seahawks are the superbowl champs!! This little corner of the NW has been going cra-zy. "12th Man" flags everywhere. People in Seahawks gear everywhere. Flags on cars. Our town was literally sold out of Skittles. There is a big parade down in Seattle today. I'm a pretty fair weather fan, but it was really fun to have our team go all the way! (All these pictures were taken by my sister Karen)

We spent the Super Bowl over at my sister's house. I had my niece come over and sit with the boys while they napped so I could get out of the house for a little bit. We had planned on bringing the boys over for a bit when they woke up but the minute Cohen walked in the house he was done. My wonderful mom took him over to her house to play for a bit since I was actually out of the house! Ezra took a power nap at the party, although I'm not sure how he slept through all the yelling and jumping up and down. 

After he woke up I brought him home to our nice quiet house. We went to pick Cohen up and watched a little more of the Superbowl. Cohen was more interested in Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood so we watched an episode of that. When we turned the game back on I was surprised to see the score! We won!!!! There was much rejoicing in Washington that night. 

Danny is on his way to the victory parade in Seattle today. He debated going and being gone all day, but it's his regular day off and let's be honest, this may never happen again in our lifetime. So I told him just to go. He will be hitching a ride with my brother in law and nephew, they should have a blast! 

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