Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cohen - 4.5 years old

This boy...he's getting so grown up and so smart. He's working on all kinds of things and making great progress at them. He is Mr. Serious and Literal who insists that we are NOT allowed to say "Say cheese" when taking a picture because cheese is a food in the refrigerator. A
nd also Mr. Goofball who likes toot noises and silly faces.

I thought I would ask him a few things and see what he said...He yelled these all back from the bathroom.

What's your favorite color? White and brown and grey and black

What's your favorite food? Mac and cheese

Why don't you sleep at night? Because...it's because...I don't like to sleep at night.

What's your favorite animal? Horses.

What's your favorite toy? My animals.

What's your favorite number? 9. (always 9 - When playing hide and seek he insists on counting to exactly 9, never more or less).

What's your favorite thing about Daddy? Playing.

What's your favorite thing about Mommy? I like to play with Daddy. (alrighty then).

What's your favorite thing about Ezra? Playing with him. I like to play big rigs.

Do you like school? No. 

What's your favorite book? Poop book. (Look inside your body book)

What are you going to be when you grow up? A man.

What are you doing in there? We're just cleaning the bathroom...

We interrupt this interview to see what kind of disaster "cleaning the bathroom" means.  

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