Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter 2015

I'm a little behind, but here are some pictures from our Easter.

This handsome little boy was not pleased when I put this outfit on him. He cried and cried, sorry kid! I really wanted the boys to have bow ties to wear to church so I made them each one a couple nights before Easter, not perfect, but made with love!

Every year we do an Easter egg hunt with the cousins. My sister gets all the eggs ready and we go to a little park in between all of our houses. We had a little picnic and let the kids go "find" eggs, they really just ran around picking up as many as they could since it's just an open field. The boys loved collecting the eggs and stopping to open each one to see if there was candy in it. 

Easter morning we keep pretty simple. The boys each got a stuffed animal and some bubbles. Cohen was so curious how the Easter bunny got into the house. The Easter service at our church is always one of my favorites, we have an Easter choir and they always do a really great job. This is the best picture I could get Easter morning. 

I asked my sister to take some pictures of the boys in their Easter clothes before the egg hunt. I got the boys all dressed up and crossed my fingers that they would cooperate. The pictures turned out SO cute! Don't they clean up nice? They are the sweetest! 

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