Sunday, January 25, 2015

We've been a little quieter in this busy season in our lives. We are facing some of the realities of a preemie who hasn't "caught up by two". I can't tell you how many times we heard that preemies catch up by two. That "this will all be in the past". The NICU journey is in the past, but we are still dealing with the effects of Cohen's prematurity in his life. The reality of it can sometimes hit pretty hard, but we do our best to focus on the journey and how far we've come.

We are still asking some questions and waiting for some answers, but we know that we are working to do whatever we think is best for Cohen. Right now this means lots of appointments and therapy and preschool. We are working to learn more about his needs and how we can meet those needs to give him the best chance to reach his full potential. It's been talking to a lot of different people and facing some struggles. But we love this guy with all our hearts and will do whatever it takes to help him be his best, whatever that looks like.

Our little buddy is determined and happy and always keeps us on our toes. He has always done things in his own time and in his own way. He always makes us laugh with the things he says and we love seeing him grow and change every day. 

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  1. Jana, I so wish we could have my Alexandra and your Cohen play together - she wasn't a preemie but she definitely had her own issues in utero. That said, she certainly isn't "caught up" yet at the age of 4-1/2. And it's SO. DARN. HARD. to watch her with other kids her own age. or younger. Kids who do more. Lots more. And it's so hard to pray instead of compare. to think of how far she's come instead of how far she still has to go. So you're not alone, my friend. You're not alone in your struggles. your thoughts. your worries. your wonderings. It's a very concerted effort on my part to STOP comparing Alex to other kids. but then she runs up and screams "MOMMY!" and hugs me and i'm reminded that she is EXACTLY who God created her to be. it's not easy. but it's worth it. and i love her with every fiber of my being.