Friday, November 7, 2014

Ezra - 16 Months

Hard to believe this kiddo is 16 months old! He is the sweetest little guy but also has a mind of his own. He still doesn't have many (any) words, but he knows what he wants.

He has the "point and grunt" nailed. If he wants some he points his little finger and grunts repeatedly. If you guess wrong he shakes his head "no" and if you guess right you get an enthusiastic "yeah!" (Okay, he does have one word). 

He still loves to eat and eats constantly. He has swooned his way into having the nursery workers at church feed him endless amounts of crackers.

We have been enjoying some one on one time while big brother is at school and I think it's been so good for both of us. It's still so foreign to me that he sits and plays with toys or reads books. Sometimes I panic when I realize it is quiet only to look over and see him sitting and playing with something. He also enjoys eating crayons, taking baths, and anything outside. He is a little daredevil and likes to climb on chairs and tables and will even go down big slides by himself.

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