Friday, November 7, 2014

Cohen Goes to School!

Cohen started preschool a few weeks ago and so far I think it's going well. When I ask him what he did at preschool he generally says "nofing". He goes Monday, Wed and every other Friday.

 He didn't shed a single tear, which I expected, and I held it together until I got in the car. I had to work that day and Danny was off so we were both able to drop him off and then I went off to work. I may have cried the whole way in. We are so proud of this kid.

Last week he even got to start riding the bus to school which I think was a dream come true for him. He was asking us constantly to ride the bus, so finally I told him it was time! We stood outside and waited for the bus and he got so excited when he saw it coming. There are only a couple other kids that ride the bus and the bus driver is pretty great. She had the music on and handed him a bucket of toys. Although now he keeps telling me he wants to ride the big bus (he rides the little bus to school).

Waiting for the bus!

Here it comes!

He seems to be doing well in school and he enjoys going. The transitions between school and home have been a bit challenging, but we were expecting that. I'm so happy for him because I think he really does enjoy it. One day I picked him up and he told me "Mommy you fogot to pack my snack but my fwiend shared a granola bar with me". He gets Physical Therapy at school once a week so I will be interested to hear how that goes as well!

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