Friday, September 26, 2014

Fess Up Friday

And, because it's one of those days and it's been way too long...Fess Up Friday!!

- I found myself very sad the other day that the boys can eat a whole box of macaroni and cheese between them because that means there aren't any leftovers for me

- I often plan their meals around what they are wearing and if we are going anywhere (for cleanup purposes)

- One day while trying to leave work I found myself driving around the same level of the parking garage continuously and didn't notice until I'd been around more times than I care to admit

- I sometimes hide in my closet with food just to eat in peace

- One of our children has taken to pooping in the bath tub nearly every single time he gets a bath and is no longer allowed to bathe without a diaper cover or swim diaper on because I'm tired of fishing poop out of the tub!

- While talking with a friend about how well Ezra feeds himself, I hesitantly admitted it's because he has second child syndrome and his food gets plopped in front of him instead of spoon feeding it to him (he eats SO well, uses a spoon like a champ. It has been quite beneficial for him...)

- When the kids have runny noses I make them wear bibs because then I have a built in nose wiper!

And speaking of boogers...I take pictures of my kids when they are covered in food and then sneeze large amounts of snot out of their noses.

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