Saturday, September 20, 2014

Apple Picking 2014

We have been out to a local pumpkin patch/apple orchard the last few years and the boys always love it. We were a little early for pumpkins this year so we decided to pick apples instead.

{Tractor! Can't take our eyes off of it...}

Cohen loved walking on these tires, but can't quite do it alone so we spent a lot of time helping him walk around and around these tires. The local early learning center was putting on a little event so there was face painting and a sand (birdseed) table too which both of the boys loved. I tried to talk Cohen into getting his face painted but it was a no-go.

We rode the little tractor train out to the apple orchard so we could pick some apples. We got some delicious Honeycrisps and Ezra helped himself to one right there.



It was such a nice day out and we are trying to keep soaking up as many sunny days as we can before the rain settles in. We let the boys check out the pumpkin patch, play on the tires, and eat some goodies before we left.

Cohen loved this baby pumpkin. Anything that's little he gets a big smile and says "look at the baby pumpkin. It's so cute!" I'm thinking there may be a tiny pumpkin in his future when we do go get pumpkins.

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