Thursday, August 14, 2014

Five Year Anniversary

Our anniversary is coming up this weekend, we've been married for five years. FIVE! What a ride it has been. We had no idea the journey that would be coming our way as we said our "I do's" to each other years ago. I'm not sure a set of marriage vows and a crash course in premarital counseling can really prepare you for what valleys and peaks you may encounter along the way.

 Danny always laughs at me when I say It's only been five years!? But really, we have lived a lot of life in 5 years. We have moved from our little apartment in Seattle. Changed jobs. Bought a house. Got pregnant and found out it was TWINS! Had our world come crashing down when we gave birth to two tiny miracles far, far too early. Spent 4 months living away from home with a critically ill baby. Seen life and seen death. We have lowered our son's casket into the ground and struggled to continue on without him. Been incredibly supported by our family, friends and community. We were given the wonderful gift of our rainbow baby. We've seen a lot of joy and a lot of pain. And we've done it all together and I couldn't ask for anyone one better to be by my side through it all.

I can truly only imagine what the next five, ten, fifty! years will bring us.

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  1. Those wedding pics are really lovely! Happy Anniversary!!!!