Thursday, May 8, 2014

Out for a Walk

I had a day off this week with my boys and we had no plans! It turned out to be the perfect day. We were dressed and ready for the day and decided to go for a walk. Ezra needed a nap and Cohen needed out of the house so off we went. First, we walked through the local coffee shop drive through and got coffee for me and Cohen got hot chocolate as a little treat. 

Since Ezra was asleep, we decided to keep walking. We walked to the park to let Cohen play. He actually played! He climbed the play structures, voluntarily went down the slides, and even went on the teeter totter. I was quite impressed because he usually demands so much help, but not today! Off he went! It always makes my heart happy to see him climb and play confidently. 

We found this tiny little wagon and Cohen loves it. Takes it everywhere. Tries to ride in it. Tries to get me to ride in it. Would probably take it to  bed with him if we let him. Meanwhile....

And, he's up! 

I love these boys so much and it was just what my heart needed to spend a relaxing day with them. They are growing up too fast! 

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